The Hostel is located in a beautiful neighbourhood of Buenos Aires called “Palermo Soho” near Plaza Serrano. It is called this way regarding to the NY Soho because you can find most of fashion, deco, art and artisan shops as well as clubs, restaurants and night clubs. Walking the area you will find a perfect armony between old fashion and in fashion styles. Buildings and houses still have their old fronts with wide rooms and high roofs from the beginning of the 20th century but with this modern arquitectural style placed all over.

A few blocks near this Soho you have the area called “Palermo Hollywood” because it is where most of the TV studios and movie producers have their offices.

It offers a wide and quite different kind of restaurants and night clubs where you can spend great moments during all day but specially in the nights.

These restaurantes are quite famous because of their original style, new and retro art deco and spectacular entries, main courses and desserts.

In Palermo Hollywood you can also find theme bars, discos, art galleries, under theaters, antiques shops and ateliers.
It is the most fashionable and artistic area of Buenos Aires. It is really an experience you can not miss!!!!